Successful Career Transition With Mission Emploi

The prospect of leaving the military to take on a “civilian” job at the height of your journey and skills acquired in the Forces often comes with a fair share of apprehension and frustration. And when the secondary career is outside the traditional framework, the task can prove to be even more challenging without appropriate help.

Since 1925, Commissionnaires has been working to create meaningful employment possibilities in the security sector for veterans. In addition to being the spearhead of the organization and keeping this mission in its DNA, Commissionnaires listens to the needs expressed to them and comes up with innovative solutions.

“Launched in September 2014, the Mission Emploi program is an extension of the original social mission of Commissionnaires. Complementary, it has a French undertone and touches the broad job market in Québec and beyond, in all possible sectors,” says its Manager, veteran Lieutenant-colonel Réjean Guay.

Help is often needed to successfully overcome the challenge of transition. On the one hand, there is a need to forge ties with companies to promote a better understanding of the military field, and on the other, the candidate’s military skills need to be transposed into civilian skills to maximize the chances of successfully making a match.

“Every candidate has a story, and we need to define their expectations and sometimes bring them to broaden their horizons. We need to meet the needs of the people who call on the service while selling the candidates to the companies. That is why use a personalized approach in the entire process,” confirmed Mr. Guay.

A growing network
Once integrated into a position, the candidates become true ambassadors for Mission Emploi. The network of Commissionnaires partner companies—which is constantly on the lookout—is continually improving. All services are offered free of charge, and since the initiative was launched, the program has already received some 120 applications.

To be eligible for Mission Emploi, you need to have served in the Canadian Armed Forces and to have been honourably discharged. Any active member of the military who anticipates a discharge in the next six months is also eligible Finally, any part-time reservist who would like to find permanent civilian employment may also apply for the program.

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