Tracking and infiltration

From regular services to more specialized solutions, Commissionnaires du Québec meets the requirements of a clientele whose needs are ever changing. As one of the best tools enabling the completion of an investigation, tracking makes it possible, for instance, for an employer to put together evidence following a false statement. When only a minimum of information is available, tracking is useful in cases of:

  • Unjustified absenteeism
  • Work incapacitation or disability
  • Work-related accident
  • Physical surveillance in keeping with an investigation
  • Physical surveillance during a work conflict
  • Marital infidelity
  • Unfair competition
  • False insurance claim

Having accurate information in order to respond in a timely manner is an invaluable advantage for many organizations. Strategic decisions are greatly facilitated thanks to the Commissionnaires’ infiltration service, which can support you in cases of:

  • Theft and fraud
  • Use and trafficking of narcotics
  • Harassment
  • Sabotage