Driving Record Request

Download Form for Authorizing Disclosure of a Driving Record

Do you know who you are hiring? Protect your business and your people by outsourcing pre-employment screening to Commissionaires. We have the expertise and resources—security professionals with military, RCMP or police backgrounds—to investigate whether your job candidates are exactly who they say they are before you hire them.

Commissionaires is one of the very few private companies in Canada to offer digital fingerprinting, criminal background checks, reference and employment history checks, and credit record checks at the same location. Whether you require all or some of these background check services, using the same service provider will save you time, money and hassle.

We offer flexible billing methods, custom forms for your company’s needs, and various options for processing employee criminal background checks.

You can request a copy of a driving record for yourself or other drivers that have given you their authorization. A driving record mainly contains information about:

  • classes associated with the driver’s licence as well as the status of the licence (valid, cancelled, suspended, revoked)
  • the holder’s demerit point bracket and the number of demerit points accumulated
  • offences committed
  • events related to driving a heavy vehicle, in a short form
  • conditions and endorsements added to the licence
  • medical restrictions
  • driving experience

Procedure for obtaining a driving record
Fill and sign the authorization for the disclosure of the driving record form. Return to us using the icon left.
Download the authorization for the disclosure of the driving record form.

If someone has at one time agreed to a loan, a line of credit or owns a credit card, a credit assessment agency has a credit report on this person. In collaboration with a large Canadian credit evaluation agency, Commissionnaires du Québec carries out credit report checks, which will establish a credit rating.

The credit rating is a number that represents the credit risk of that person at a given moment. Credit assessment agencies use a scale that goes from 300 to 900. The higher the rating, the less risk this person represents for a lender.

You will obtain the credit report within 24 working hours following reception of the payment and consent form of the person whose credit file we are checking.

Download the authorization for the consent for the credit check form.

Background checks on tenants

Landlords need to know whether they are signing an agreement with a reliable and trustworthy tenant. Background checks on potential tenants allow you to rent with peace of mind.

We can check the candidate’s behaviour as a tenant with references from the former landlord. We can also carry out criminal background checks on tenants to see if they have had any judgements rendered against them that would justify the rejection of their application.

Failure to carry out any of these steps could make you miss out on important details that would enable you to make an informed decision on whether the person would make a good tenant.

Background checks on employees

Employers are strongly recommended to carry out background checks for all types of positions to be filled in their company. The prehiring check is an excellent way to prevent and decrease risk. It also ensures a healthy and safe work environment for employees and management.

Each year, Commissionnaires carries out thousands of employee background checks for its clients. We validate and check the information contained in a job application or resume. We can also carry out criminal and credit background checks on employees.

You will obtain an employee background check report within 3 to 5 business days following reception of the payment and application form.