Online criminal background

Online criminal background checks


Commissionnaires offers a simple and quick online criminal background check. The procedure is as follows:

  • If you do not have an account with Commissionnaires, please click on “Registration” to create an account. Once you are registered, you will receive a link by email. Click on the link to activate your account. If you do not see the email, check your spam folder.
  • Once the account is activated, open a session on our secure web site and enter the required information. Pay using your credit card. The electronic ID check (VIe)* system will ask a few specific questions pertaining to your credit history in order to confirm your identity.
  • Processing time for someone who has no criminal record is generally 24 hours. Once you request is processed, your results will be emailed to you.

Outside the country?

This service is designed for people who live and work in Canada. If you currently live outside the country, please specify whether you need a criminal background check based on your name and date of birth or using fingerprints, certified by the RCMP. The eCPIC only produces checks using the name and date of birth. We ask that people who live outside the country who need criminal background checks using fingerprints please contact us.

* Electronic ID Verification (eIV)

Most Canadian adults have experienced an electronic ID verification at one time or another. Developed using the principles of Canadian credit assessment agencies, eIV is used by most of the main financial institutions, and even by Canada Post.

Using the Equifax credit rating agency’s databases of and other tertiary databases, eIV produces four “out-of-wallet” questions about candidate’s credit history. Only the candidate will be able to answer these questions correctly and pass the process. The information is compared to the personal data provided by the candidate (such as the date of birth and previous addresses) in order to confirm the person’s identity. In the case of failure (most often due to a limited credit history), the candidate can call one of the Commissionnaires’ offices for identity verification purposes.