Cybersurveillance and information security

Manage the risks associated with social media

Did you know that research on individuals’ interactions on social media show that what they express online truly reflects what they think?

If you want to:

  • Make sure that your employees have good practices and that they do not tarnish your company’s image
  • Conduct a more complete pre-hiring investigation
  • Carry out long-term monitoring activities on behaviours that are deemed at risk
  • Find out what is being said about you

Commissionnaires du Québec and its web reputation service make it easier for you to reach your objectives by enabling you to effectively use the information available online.

Our approach is based on a four-step process:

  • Gathering online information on organizations or individuals
  • Sorting and studying the information in order to make it consistent for analysis
  • Examining the compiled information according to the parameters predefined by the client
  • Measuring risks in keeping with the analysis.

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Benoît Gagnon, Vice-President, Information Technology and Consulting-services


Benoît Gagnon has nearly 20 years’ experience in private and public security. As a former member of the criminal intelligence service, he is largely recognized for his expertise in cybercrime, terrorism, information and emerging threats. Having given more than 150 conferences, he is often called upon to comment on current events as a security expert. Author of nearly a dozen scientific articles and book chapters on the subject, he co-authored the book Repenser le terrorisme : concept, acteurs et réponses (Rethinking terrorism: concept, stakeholders and responses).