Rebecca Meunier, HR Technician – Commissionaires du Québec

When Rebecca first started at Commissionaires du Québec, she was pleasantly surprised by the importance given to women within the organization despite the military undertones. We pride ourselves on taking personal approach to each player in order to make sure the team experience is as agreeable and efficient as possible.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Organizational Change. Both are very useful to her role at Commissionaires du Québec because innovation is a core value for the company: at Commissionnaires, we never shy away from taking up new challenges and blazing trails.

Our employees get to choose the projects they work on depending on their field of expertise and interests. For example, Rebecca’s curiosity about the G7 easily made her part of the team assigned to the project.

Spearheading Human Resources for the G7 was a valuable team experience for her. All the actors worked at close quarters, together experiencing strong doses of emotion, stress and suspense. The conference was very demanding in terms of time and energy, but it markedly proved what is achievable through strong commitment and teamwork.

At Commissionaires du Québec, work environment is extremely diverse; composed both of more experienced and younger members all of whom have something to contribute and something to learn from each other. Working at Commissionaires du Québec is a rewarding opportunity if you yearn to push past your limits, take up challenges and bring to life new original ideas.