François Couture, Director Special Events, Quebec Division – Commissionaires du Québec

François Couture joined the ranks of Commissionaires du Québec initially out of curiosity. Having just retired from the Canadian Armed Forces, where he worked for nearly 40 years, he did not feel the need to work, although his former colleagues did not think he would retire a long time.

In joining the ranks of Commissionaires du Québec, it was the social aspect of his work, that is, the fact of contributing concretely to an organization, which was the most important element. Quickly, he felt challenged by what he was able to bring within the company, both at work and on the social side.

As part of the G7 and other special events for which he was responsible, François Couture wanted to get former soldiers to offer to bring together former colleagues to form sections ready to work on different mandates.

Working on his first term, he quickly realized that recruitment was the sinews of the war; it was necessary to be able to recruit enough staff to work on the special events, without compromising the other mandates of the organization.

It took a while for the organization to put in place the best recruitment practices. Then, as soon as the employees testified about the unique experience that they had experienced during the G7 Summit and that social networks were integrated into the recruitment process, Commissionaires du Québec was able to draw the attention of former police officers, young students in police technology, and many other resources motivated to work for the organization, which helped to publicize the offer of Commissionaires du Québec. From then on, recruitment was quick enough for the future.

To all those who wish to join the Commissionaires du Québec, François Couture advises you to join us with your heart and with your intention to make a difference in an organization that counts on you.