History and social commitment

Trusted everyday everywhere since 1925

In Canada, Commissionnaires was founded in 1925, following World War I—at a time when there was no safety net for soldiers who, upon completion of their service, found themselves unemployed.

Initially established in Montréal, then Toronto and Vancouver, Commissionnaires was created to look after these men and women and provide them with transitional or permanent jobs, primarily in the security industry.

In the early years, these jobs generally involved guarding government institutions. From 1925 to 1948, Commissionnaires expanded across all of Canada. There are now 15 divisions representing all of Canada’s and its three territories.

An organization committed to its employees and the military community

In addition to the support it provides ex-members of the military, Commissionnaires donates part of its profits to the community in the form of financial aid. Here are a few examples.

Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre

Commissionnaires du Québec helps organizations like the Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre, which offers support to the spouses and children of members of the military on mission or during an extended absence.

Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation

Commissionnaires also supports the Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation, which provides care to veterans and members of the military who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Last Post Fund

The organization is also committed to the Last Post Fund. Since 1909, the Fund’s main mission is to ensure that no veteran is deprived of a decent funeral service due to a lack of financial resources.

The Poppy Campaign

Remembrance Day is a day when the Commissionnaires express their solidarity towards former members of the military and former members of police services. Each year, the organization helps in distributing poppies in most government offices and at certain commercial clients.