Our Employees: Our Strength

Edward Gervais stops a thief

Our employees’ passion and potential are Commissionnaires’ greatest strength. What you do at work every day can have an extraordinary impact on people’s lives. Commissionnaires is proud to mark the professionalism of its employees. Their dedication is a source of pride, inspiration and motivation for the community.

Today, we would like to highlight the exceptional work of Mr. Edward Gervais, a Security Guard for Commissionnaires for the past 12 years, who went the extra mile in Longueuil on October 27.
Mr. Gervais was seated at a table of a restaurant on Taschereau boulevard in Longueuil when he spotted a man going to the restroom, leaving his laptop unattended on the table. An individual approached the table, discreetly snatched the computer and quickly made his way to the door.

Mr. Gervais followed the individual out of the restaurant. When he saw the thief get into his car, he warned him that he was dialling 9-1-1 as he was taking down the licence plate number. The man offered Mr. Gervais a stolen computer in exchange for his silence. Mr. Gervais refused, and Longueuil police arrived at the scene a few minutes later. A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of various stolen items. The perpetrator was arrested and charged with theft and concealment.

Mr. Gervais is 74 years old. He has a second dan black belt and trains three to four times a week to stay in shape.