Commissionaires du Québec, specialists in investigation and surveillance

A multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals at the service of your company

Recognized across Canada as the largest private security company, Commissionaires du Québec specializes in surveillance with a multidisciplinary team of investigators and experienced professionals.

In order to provide its clients with effective service and convincing results, Commissionaires du Québec relies on the expertise of a team of investigators, composed of former police and military officers with at least 25 years’ experience. This team, led by Marc Parent, Chief Executive Officer of Commissionaires du Québec and former Director of the SPVM, one of the four largest police organizations in the province, is distinguished by the quality of its members and by their unique profiles and careers that meet all investigation needs in the private and public sectors.

Private Investigation in Quebec

Contrary to popular belief, the private investigation industry in Quebec is regulated, which means that one cannot improvise oneself as a private investigator. Anyone wishing to practice the profession must hold a licence that can be obtained through academic training, accumulated experience in the field, or a combination of experience and academic training.

Although they are licensed to practice, private investigators have no authority or privilege, unlike peace officers, and are still considered private citizens. They must therefore carry out their work in a professional manner, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

At Commissionaires du Québec, we place a high priority on field experience and knowledge of the fundamentals and subtleties of the profession, which is why our team of investigators is composed exclusively of former police officers or other professionals with relevant experience in investigation.

We help our clients, who are generally business leaders in all sectors of activity, in suspected cases of fraud, theft, consumption or sale of narcotics, counterfeiting, copyright, trademark, workplace harassment, threats or industrial espionage, so that they can see more clearly.

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